Marisa Sposato

“Maria shares a very powerful message to all of us mothers, that we know our children better than anyone. That we need to listen to that inner voice that is always there, guiding us and leading us to the next right step.” – Marisa Sposato

Creations Magazine

“Gavriel inspires a deeper introspection, which helps to foster and encourage our own innate and instinctual abilities as both parents, and individuals. Her guidance proves fruitful as a means of both education...


“Maria has achieved something very rare and precious, melding spirit-filled insights with sensible and doable suggestions for daily family life.”  – Kim John Payne – bestselling author of Simplicity Parenting


” Maria shows nothing less than a natural and heart-centered way to create a new world with our children. This path can enrich our families, and nourish our world and future generations” – Michael Gaeta, DAc,CDN
3 Quick Tips to Cleanse Your Soul

3 Quick Tips to Cleanse Your Soul

Spring is here…you can feel it in every part of your being. On some level, you can sense an inner “itch” to do something… Is it to register for the gym? Plan your summer vacay? Begin a detox? Or is it something deeper… During this time of...